About Us

Who we are

We started Boutique Seller because we were Amazon sellers ourselves and we felt a void in the option of service providers that thought like we did about how to manage advertising campaigns on Amazon. Since PPC is at the core of a successful Amazon growth strategy we thought it should require a team that is dedicated completely to the ins and outs of PPC.

Since we established Boutique Seller, we've worked with hundreds of accounts ranging from new sellers, to established multi-million dollar sellers; from new brands to name brands.

We take pride in the strategies we employ, our quick turn around time, and our high retention rate. Our service is priced simply, so that every client knows exactly what to expect.

One of our key approaches is to setup our campaigns MANUALLY. Although we could have used automation, we've found that nothing beats an account manager's gut feeling of which keywords to focus on. A campaign that is setup right will perform much better in the long term.

On our watch many of our clients have matured into large accounts, and more than anything we feel like we're a partner in that growth. While we only focus on one critical aspect of what it takes to be successful on Amazon, it helps our clients focus on the parts of their business that they know best.

We consider our clients' accounts like our own, and we are always happy to chat with you about your account to see how we can help.

“Our goal is to maximize your account’s ROI through advanced strategies and effectively communicate about our goals and progress.”

Jacob Davis, COO Boutique Seller