Revolutionize your PPC Advertising on Amazon

Boutique Seller is a white glove PPC management service which optimizes your campaigns to maximize profits using intelligence software together with our hands-on dedicated PPC specialists


Maximize Performance and Efficiency

Sponsored Products

Get discovered and increase your sales without having to spend time creating manual campaigns


Auto Campaigns

Discovery and low bid campaigns to push growth even further


Manual Campaigns

Thought out campaigns built to control your ACoS

Sponsored Brands

Bring awareness to your brand with rich, engaging creatives, and increase your market share

Sponsored Brand Videos

Create and launch beautifully optimized video ads on Amazon to tell your story


Product Spotlight

Promote multiple key products together and drive traffic to your storefront

Sponsored Display

Expand your reach by re-engaging shoppers and custom audiences on and off Amazon

Product Tagreting

Target specific categories and products to bring traffic and sales your way

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Views Remarketing

Reach custom audiences who viewed your product, on and off Amazon

What PPC management means to us

ACCOUNT Audit & Research

A deep dive into your account and understanding your market. Finding the perfect keywords to maximize potential 



Helping you rank for the keywords that convert most and enabling you to hit your ACoS or TACoS goals




Taking data analysis to the next level and understanding your pain points and how to move past them



Creating thought out methodical campaigns using what we researched in order to maximize growth 


Continuous optimization of all your campaigns in addition to adding negative keywords to prevent waste




Constantly monitoring performance and adjusting bids so we can aim to hit all set targets. 

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